Westport Ale House COVID-19 Facts

Staff members tested positive on August 21.

Here are the Facts:

  • All CDC and health department protocols have been and continue to be met, in addition to protocols beyond what was recommended the by CDC or health department.
  • Staff indicated to management they did not work while exhibiting COVID symptoms.
  • With two positive tests on August 21, Ale House shut down operations until all staff could get tested.  It should be noted this is above and beyond any CDC or health department mandates or guidelines.
  • Staff was only permitted to return to work with negative tests.
  • After shutdown, Several additional staff members tested positive for COVID-19 but indicated to management: 
  1. They did not work with symptoms.
  2. They were not permitted to return to work without a negative test and proper quarantine protocols were in place.

During health department interviews, Ale House staff has been completely honest about steps taken with the health department.  Ale House staff have followed and continue to enforce health department protocols.

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