COVID-19 Statement From Westport Ale House

Recent reporting by some outlets has described past positive Covid-19 infection test results by some staff at Westport Ale House. It is our desire that the community we serve and are part of has all of the details of these past incidents, as well as the assurance that procedures are in place to limit safety concerns for our customers and our staff.

Westport Ale House, like all businesses, churches, and schools in our community during this time of a pandemic, is faced with how best to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. To that end, we have followed CDC recommended guidelines and enacted additional safety measures. Many of these precautions are in place on a daily basis while some are practices enacted if a staff member tests positive for the virus. 

Westport Ale House has had 2 such past incidents where an initial staff member expressed possible symptoms. As soon as Management was made aware of the possible symptoms the entire Westport Ale House staff was required and reimbursed for immediate testing.  Some additional staff members subsequently tested positive. At no time was a staff member allowed to return to work without a negative test result. Additionally, the Ale House underwent extensive hospital-grade cleaning by a professional cleaning company with products that kill infectious diseases and germs.

The most recent occurrence of a staff member expressing concern or testing positive was the week of Monday, August 17th. 

Although it was reported that the KCMO health department has had some trouble reaching individuals for information, Westport Ale House ownership and management has been proactive and transparent in informing the community of any concerns and the steps that we are taking to further ensure customer and staff safety. Westport Ale House has posted physical signs as well as social media posts informing the community of dates that we will be closed for cleaning and employee testing due to Covid-19 results. The most recent posts could be found on Facebook and Instagram, as well as at our physical location, the week of August 17th.

Additional steps and procedures enacted by Westport Ale House:

  • Voluntarily limiting occupancy, prior to city ordinances requiring it, as far back as March
  • Conducting forehead temperature checks prior to any individual entering the building
  • Requiring (and providing if necessary) all staff and guests to wear a mask
  • Employing a professional cleaning company to execute additional cleaning protocols 
  • Requiring all staff to wash their hands every 30 minutes
  • Providing hand sanitation stations throughout the restaurant
  • Sanitizing table and chairs between uses
  • Replacing physical menus with QR code virtual menus
  • Requiring sanitary gloves to be worn by staff when handling silverware
  • Nightly additional sanitizing of the kitchen and line
  • Arranging of tables at least 6 feet apart
  • Limiting parties to 10 guests or less
  • Replaced filters on HVAC equipment with CDC recommended Merv-13 filters
  • Adding additional staff to help remind customers of the need for continual observance of the guidelines
  • Adding off duty KCMO police at certain times to help with the management of guests

 Westport Ale House is committed to continuing to work with health officials while supporting our staff and community through these difficult times.