Why Ale House is One of the Best Restaurants Near Parkville

If you’re like most people, figuring out where you and your friends should go for dinner and drinks is a constant debate.

Maybe some of you want to watch a game. Others might want to grab dinner or drinks and a few just want to hang out and catch up.

If you feel like you’ve explored all of your options for bars and restaurants in Parkville, MO, you might be looking for something new.

Have you tried Westport Ale House?

Whether you’re trying to catch a game, eat, or dance the night away, there’s no better place than Westport Ale House. Located right in the heart of Westport, we’re a great option for those looking for restaurants near Parkville, MO. We have everything you could want — an outdoor patio, massive bar, delicious food and drinks, and TV’s at every angle — for an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Break out of the monotony of the same bars and restaurants in Parkville and head to Westport Alehouse. You’ll be happy you did!

Looking for Parkville Restaurants and Bars? Check Out Westport Ale House

Did you know Westport is less than 20 minutes from Parkville, MO? It’s closer than you think!

Westport Ale House is located at the corner of Broadway and Archibald, in the historic-Kansas City, Westport District. With such a short drive, you can drive yourself, or hop in an Uber and split the cost with your friends. Really, there’s no excuse to not see you soon!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting option— something different from your usual local bars and restaurants in Parkville—there’s no better choice than Westport Ale House. With activities and service unlike any other spot in the metro, you’ll be planning your next visit before you even leave. 

Why Ale House Is One of the Best Restaurants Near Parkville, MO

You may be asking yourself: Why should I drive 20 minutes for just another sports bar in Kansas City?

The answer is simple. We offer a Kansas City experience unlike any other.

Let us list a few of the reasons why:

  • Watch parties for all of your favorite local teams: We support all of our local teams (have you seen our mural?), but no matter who you root for you’ll be able to watch your team on one of our more than 50 TV’s and projectors. We are the official Westport location for Sporting Kansas City and the only official St. Louis Blue’s bar in the Kansas City area. Pull up a spot at the bar, grab a high-top or enjoy one of our five, 10-person booths. When we say sports lounge, we truly mean it!
  • The best indoor/outdoor rooftop bar in Westport: Whether you want to grab a drink and enjoy the outdoors, our rooftop is a great spot. With a full-service bar and wait staff able to serve you meals and snacks, our rooftop is a must-visit spot that no restaurants in Parkville, Mo., can compare to.
  • Kansas City’s hottest DJs: Every weekend and during special events, we have the best DJ’s keeping the party going and the dance floor moving. Follow our social media (Facebook and Instagram) to see who will be playing on any particular night.
  • The best halloween and christmas decorations: It doesn’t take a “Miracle” to know how to decorate a bar, but Westport Ale House does it the best. From holiday drinks and shots, to  life-size monsters, a 30-foot tall snowman and a train for pictures and visits from Santa, you’ve got to check out our Halloween and Christmas displays!

We know Westport Ale House is worth the drive, but you really have to see for yourself. Come for a game, stay for dinner and drinks, and leave after a night full of dancing and fun—we have everything you and your friends could want during a night out.

Other Bars and Restaurants Near Parkville, MO

Although we’re a bit biased and think you should always come to Westport Ale House, we realize you have a lot of different options to choose from.  But, with so many great bars and restaurants in Parkville and the Kansas City area, deciding where to go for lunch, dinner or drinks is a difficult choice.

To help you, we’ve listed a few of our favorite restaurants in Parkville, Mo., and the surrounding areas:

  • The Fall: Looking for a truly unique night out? Located below Westport Ale House you’ll find The Fall, a visually immersive cocktail lounge, wrapped in fantasy world décor. With lush VIP seating options and DJs spinning on the weekend, it’s one of the best places in Kansas City to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail. Have dinner at Westport Ale House and then head downstairs for the underground experience.
  • Stone Canyon: Located in the heart of historic-downtown Parkville, Stone Canyon has been serving the Kansas City area for over 25 years. Known for it’s pizza, it also offer a diverse food and drink menu that has something for everyone. You can always snag dinner a little closer to home at Stone Canyon and then head to Westport Ale House for drinks and dancing.
  • Nick and Jakes: With a variety of menu options, from alfredo to tacos, there is something for everyone at Nick and Jakes. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink at the bar or you’re planning a family gathering, Nick and Jakes in Parkville can facilitate your needs. Have dinner at Westport Ale House and stop by Nick and Jakes on your way home to finish the night; it’s the perfect combination!

Where you decide to spend your time and hard-earned money is important. Making sure you and your friends have a great experience is equally as important.

So the next time you’re searching for restaurants near Parkville, Mo., don’t forget about Westport Ale House. Sports, food, drinks and fun—we have something for everyone.

Give us a try; you’ll be glad that you did!