Looking for a Westport Bar in Kansas City? Choose Westport Ale House

If you’re coming to Westport, there’s probably one thing on your mind: drinking.

But, with so many Westport bars to choose from, how do you find the one that not only offers the best boozy beverages — but also an atmosphere that you and your friends will enjoy the whole evening through?

Look no further than Westport Ale House.

Located at the corner of Archibald and Broadway, Westport Ale House is at the center of Kansas City nightlife. It’s the hottest place to be on any given weekend, and we’re not exaggerating when we say it’s one of the most popular bars in Westport. It’s a true Kansas City experience you won’t get anywhere else.

We know choosing from the plentiful Kansas City bars can be the hardest part of your night. Take the guesswork out of the equation; choose Westport Ale House for a night that you and your friends will remember (or not — we don’t judge).

Our Signature Drinks at Our Westport Bar and Grill

The biggest draw at Westport Ale House? Affordable, quality booze to keep you and your friends partying until the early hours of the morning.

Many bars in Kansas City, MO, are geared to a certain clientele. But, at Westport Ale House, all are welcome — including all kinds of alcohol tastes. Here, we’ve got something for everyone, which means even your pickiest friend will have a good time.

Our friendly bar staff slings a wide variety of drinks throughout the night, and you can find exactly you want. Oh, and did we mention all our menu items are affordably priced? No matter your mood, you can drain your glass for hours at our Westport bar — without draining your wallet.

But what is it about our drink menu that makes us stand out from all the other bars in Westport, Kansas City?

  • More than 20 domestic and craft beers are available for every taste preference
  • Handcrafted cocktails
  • A variety of still and sparkling wines

Whatever your poison, you can find it at Westport Ale House. Swing by for one drink or stay for the whole night; our welcoming staff will be happy to give you the Ale House experience you want.

We’ve Also Got the Best Bar Food in Kansas City

We all know a little food goes a long way when it comes to a night of drinking debauchery. But, when you’re really feeling yourself, the last thing you want to do is leave the bar to find your local drive-through.

Stick with Westport Ale House, and you won’t need to.

Our late-night food menu is one of the big reasons we’re counted among the best bars in Kansas City. When the party kicks up, our kitchen doesn’t slow down. Our chefs serve your favorite bar classics all through the night. After all, nothing pairs better with a beer than a midnight mozzarella stick.

When you’ve got the munchies, try some of our popular pub offerings:

  • Pizzas of all flavors to share (or nosh on all by yourself — you do you)
  • Smoked chicken wings, with your choice of sauce
  • Juicy burgers and sandwiches, topped with all the goodies you could need
  • And more

Alcohol and tasty bar food — there’s no better pairing. Next time you consider your choices for bars in Westport, KC, remember that Westport Ale House will always be here to satiate your thirst and fill your empty stomach.

Check our full drink and food menu here. Please keep in mind that menu items and kitchen hours are subject to change.

Why Westport Ale House Is One of the Best Bars in Kansas City

It may be hard to believe, but it’s more than just the drinks that make Westport Ale House one of the best bars in Westport. We know a night out is an experience — and we’re here to make it an unforgettable one.

In addition to our fabulous food and drink, Westport Ale House offers entertainment to suit all guests. You’ll never be bored at our bar in Kansas City; from our main floor to our rooftop, we’ll guarantee you’ll find something to have a good — no, great — time.

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about Westport Ale House, you’ve probably heard about:

  • Our rooftop bar: Our second-floor, open-air rooftop is our calling card. Here, you can take in all the views of surrounding Westport and conveniently order from our fully-stocked rooftop bar. Rooftop hours may vary based on special events and weather conditions.
  • Our live DJs and dance atmosphere: What’s a night out without dancing? As the night goes on, the party kicks off on our main floor. Watch for DJ announcements on our social media, and practice that signature one-handed dance (the other for your drink, of course).

Westport Ale House is truly the center of the Kansas City bar scene and the place to be when drink-o-clock rolls around. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by — we’re happy to have you.

Please note that hours and menu items are subject to change. Stay tuned to our social media and website for the most updated information.