Ale House: One of the Best Restaurants Near the Northland

Northland restaurants in Kansas City are a bit of a hidden gem. There’s a lot going on north of the river. Anyone looking for a night out has plenty of options to choose from. So, why venture south to Westport? Because Westport Ale House has the type of food, drinks and true Kansas City experience that no other Northland restaurants can offer.

That may be a bold statement, but hear us out. Once you hear about everything we’ve got going on, we think you’ll understand. Whether you’re looking for a wild weekend with friends or a relaxed dinner and ice-cold beer, Ale House should be at the top of your Northland restaurants list

Here’s why. 

Looking for Restaurants near the Kansas City Northland? Try Westport Ale House

Like we said, you could stay up north and visit your favorite North KC restaurants every night out. And, that could be fun. But why not change it up a bit? Westport is less than 15 minutes from most locations in the Northland. For a short drive or a cheap Uber, you could experience something new and different for a night out with your friends.

Located at the corner of Broadway and Archibald, Ale House is truly the heart of Westport. Kansas City’s most historic entertainment district has a lot to offer — much more than the neighborhoods of many Northland restaurants can. There’s simply no place like Westport anywhere else in Kansas City.

So whether it’s game day or a casual night out, you can make it better by making the drive south to Ale House.

Why Westport Ale House is One of the Best Restaurants near the Northland

What sets us apart? We’re glad you asked. A short drive can bring you to an experience that even the best restaurants in the Northland can’t offer.

This is what you’ll find during your night out at Ale House:

The perfect game day atmosphere: Our game day setup is unmatched by any other Northland restaurants. With 50+ big-screen TVs, the game will always be in your line of sight. If you can’t make it to Arrowhead in person, this is the closest you’ll get.

A rooftop bar with amazing views: It’s the perfect place to relax with friends and something you won’t find at other restaurants in North KC. Don’t worry — you can catch the game on one of the many TVs up here, too. 

Booth service and rentable video games: Got a big group? Our booth service will be perfect.

Two full-service bars: What’s your drink of choice? We probably have it. Downstairs, you’ll find a giant bar wrapped around an impressive display of liquor options. On the rooftop, a second full-service bar awaits. Good luck finding this many options at any other Northland restaurants in Kansas City. 

The food, the drinks, the atmosphere — it just can’t be beat by any other Northland restaurant. Break out of your rhythm and try something new. You’ll be glad you did.

While You’re In Westport

So, you’re taking a break from your typical restaurants in North KC. Why not make a whole day of it? There’s plenty to do and see around Westport. For starters, you can’t leave without experiencing The Fall, an otherworldly cocktail lounge located beneath Westport Ale House. Step down into a totally unique drinking experience with craft cocktails, VIP booths, and bottle service.

And when you come to check out Ale House and The Fall, make sure to stop at a few of these spots, too:

More Northland Restaurants to Try

Kansas City has a great restaurant community. There are so many amazing options. That’s why we work so hard to make Ale House your choice of a restaurant near North KC. 

But, we also want to support our fellow local businesses. If you’re looking for even more Northland restaurants in Kansas City, make sure to stop at a few of these:

Colony KC: Part coffee shop, part local kitchen, part bar — Colony KC is a great place to hang if you’re hungry or thirsty at any time of the day. Plus, it’s attached to The RINO, one of the best music venues in North KC.

Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum: Chappell’s is one of those can’t-miss spots for anyone who loves KC sports. The food is good, but the main attraction might be the mind-boggling amount of sports memorabilia that has been collected and put on display. 

Chicken N Pickle: Known for the atmosphere as much as the food, Chicken N Pickle is a bar and restaurant with a huge outdoor recreation area full of yard games. It’s a great place for a large group to spend the afternoon.

As you can see, there are many great Northland restaurants to choose from. But when it comes to the deals, the atmosphere, the location and the experience, there’s nowhere better than Ale House. Make sure to follow us on social media for the latest deals and events. Got a larger group? Reserve your booth today or contact us online to ask a question.