Ale House: One of the Best Restaurants Near Olathe, KS

You’re hungry and desperately Googling, “restaurants near me.” Olathe, KS, has no shortage of decent places to eat. But less than half an hour away from Olathe is one of the go-to spots for a casual meal, a round of drinks and a seriously good time.

Westport Ale House has become a cultural icon for a reason. Here, you can not only find a drool-worthy menu and daily specials on drinks, you know you’re in for a great time spent with your favorite people. Here’s what you can expect when you pull up to Westport Ale House:

Looking for Restaurants Near Olathe? Try out Westport Ale House

None of the standard big-chain Olathe restaurants can keep up with Westport Ale House. Located in the very heart of Westport’s entertainment district on the corner of Archibald and Broadway, Westport Ale House is the beating heart of Kansas City’s favorite area to meet up with friends.

Even the best restaurants in Olathe, KS, don’t have the same vibrant energy that Westport Ale House gives off — this isn’t the kind of place where you grab a bite to eat and rush out. This is the kind of place where you want to hang out for a few hours and actually enjoy your time.

When people come to Westport Ale House, they come for good food and specials on their favorite pitcher of beer, sure. But they’re also here because they want to be in a lively atmosphere, surrounded by sports fans, friends, and family. There is a vibe to Westport Ale House that doesn’t exist in most Olathe restaurants. You can only find it at Westport Ale House, which is why we’ve become such an iconic, locally-owned Kansas City staple.

Why Ale House is One of the Best Restaurants Near Olathe, KS

It’s no secret why everyone wants to be at Westport Ale House. You’re always guaranteed a good time. It’s not just a meal — it’s a whole event.

That’s because, here, you can enjoy:

  • Specials on the food you’ve been craving, and the drinks that will make you want a second round
  • A TV in your line of sight, everywhere you look, so you’ll never miss an action-packed moment during your most-anticipated sports events and games
  • A four-season, full-service rooftop bar, complete with a fireplace, couches for lounging in the sunshine, and even more TVs
  • Kansas City’s most-requested live DJs, who are always spinning the greatest hits, both new and old
  • Huge, VIP-style booths (available to rent) that are made for posting up in style with friends and enjoying the bustle from the best seats in the house
  • Regularly scheduled parties and events like trivia (with prizes and everything!), so you and your crew can turn Ale House into a fun routine you never want to miss

Even the best restaurants in Olathe can’t keep up. There is nowhere else like Westport Ale House. In less than twenty minutes, you can find yourself in the restaurant everyone wants to be at for big nights out and relaxed afternoons spent munching and sipping.

Come see what the fuss is about.

While You’re in Westport

If you’re going to visit the Westport district, you should absolutely make a whole day (and night) of your time here. Start with The Fall, right below Westport Ale House. Get the party started with an afternoon at Westport Ale House, after which you can step downstairs into an otherworldly atmosphere. The Fall offers unique craft cocktails and a visually immersive experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Kansas City. The Fall is more than just a nightclub. It’s an adventure that captures the imagination and the senses.

But outside of our own corner of Westport, the neighborhood is full of shops, bars, and restaurants for you to check out during your visit. There’s always something to do and explore, so we have plenty of recommendations to get you started. Turn your time at Westport Ale House into a full day with some of our favorite neighboring spots:

Looking for something a little closer to home? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of our Olathe favorites:

Other Restaurants in Olathe, KS

There is no shortage of bars and restaurants near Olathe, KS, but most of them are going to be the big chain locations you’ve already been to again and again. Westport Ale House is always here if you’re finally ready to mix things up a bit.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great restaurants near Olathe that you should check out. Here are just a few of our favorite restaurants and hangouts in and around the Olathe area:

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