Where to Find the Best Kansas City Murals and Instagram Spots

We all know Kansas City is one of the most beautiful cities out there. From our countless Kansas City murals to our instantly recognizable skyline, KC is one of the best places to capture with your phone.

And, when it comes to Instagram spots in Kansas City, you have no shortage of options. Fortunately, you can cross a few of them off your bucket list with a simple stop at Westport Ale House.

That’s right — not only is Westport Ale House a great place to eat and drink with your friends, it’s a great place to take your latest profile picture. After all, no props are more flattering than the smooth head on a fresh pint of beer or a plate of crispy, salty fries.

If you’re looking for the best photo spots in Kansas City, come on down to Westport Ale House today. You won’t be disappointed.

Ale House’s Kansas City Chiefs Wall Mural

One thing is for sure: We’re all Ma-homies now, thanks to stunning performances by the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes since the 2018 season. So, to honor our hero, Westport Ale House decided to dedicate a whole wall to his sports skills.

Westport Ale House is now the happy home to a beautiful Kansas City Chiefs wall mural by local artist, Sike. Stop on by anytime to take a picture of the best quarterback in the NFL (we may be biased), and come on into Ale House for a snack and a drink.


Here at Ale House, we don’t just talk the talk; we’ll also be playing every single Chiefs game on our more than 50 big-screen TVs. The next time you come in to watch at our sports bars, go ahead and take a picture in front of our KC mural. Don’t forget to tag us!

Why Ale House is a Perfect Kansas City Instagram Spot

Does a fun night truly happen unless you document it with some choice Insta shots?

We know the dilemma. Fortunately, when you spend the night at Westport Ale House, you’ve got plenty of places to nab those group shots you’re planning.

In addition to our Kansas City Chiefs Westport mural, you’ll find the best photo ops on our rooftop bar. Of course, everything looks better with a drink in your hand. Fortunately, our rooftop bar is full-service and fully stocked, so you can top off your drinks without losing prime seating and views. Truly, there’s no better Kansas City photo spot than a rooftop in Westport.

After you grab your group photo, stick around and enjoy our daily food and drink specials, live DJs, trivia nights, and more.

Other Notable Instagram Spots in Kansas City

With so many Kansas City mural walls and other Instagram places in Kansas City, it’s hard to know where to begin. So, we’ve gathered some of the best photo spots in Kansas City (in our opinion), although all it takes is a quick drive around the city to find a great deal more!

  • The Fall: Coming to Westport Ale House for our Chiefs mural? Hiding in our basement is one of the best new Instagram spots in Kansas City. The Fall is an immersive, Wonderland-themed cocktail bar full of photo opportunities. Take a seat in one of the oversized, velvet armchairs, and pair your shots with a gorgeous cocktail, handcrafted by expert bartenders.
  • World War I Memorial: There’s no better place for a Kansas City Instagram shot than from the viewing deck of the World War I Memorial and Museum. Here, you can look over the entirety of the Kansas City skyline. Center yourself in the shot or let the skyline speak for itself; either way, it’s going to be killer.
  • “Kansas City I’m So In Love” Mural: Express your love for your city with the classic “Kansas City I’m So In Love” mural. After a brief disappearance, the mural is now located next to the Imagine That! Building in the Crossroads.

If you’re looking for the best murals in Kansas City, we highly recommend doing some research and checking out the KC murals guides that exist online. They can give you a great list of shots to cross off your bucket list and add to your feed.

In the meantime, whether you’re looking for your next Instagram shot or simply a good place to eat and drink, keep Westport Ale House at the top of your list. Whatever your reason for stopping by, we’ll be happy to have you — and be sure to show you a good time.