Ale House: One of the Best Restaurants in Wyandotte County

Looking for Wyandotte County restaurants? You’ve got plenty of choices. And sure, you could go to your tried-and-true watering hole. But why not mix it up a bit? Take a short drive to Kansas City’s most historic entertainment district and visit Westport Ale House.

We know Westport Ale House isn’t technically one of the restaurants in Wyandotte County. But, for a short drive or a cheap Uber, you can enjoy some of the best deals on classic pub fare with an ice-cold beer in a lively environment. 

You work hard so that you can enjoy a night out with friends. Of all your options for Wyandotte County restaurants, here’s why Westport Ale House is the best place to unwind and have a good time.

Looking for Restaurants Near Wyandotte County? Try Westport Ale House

We’re sure you have some local favorite Wyandotte County restaurants. You could choose one of your go-to’s for a night out. Or, you could try something new at Westport Ale House.

You’ll find us at the corner of Broadway and Archibald, the unmistakable “Ale House” block letters looking out over the heart of Westport. Whether it’s game day, a night out with friends, or just a good time to relax, Westport Ale House is the place to be.

Westport is a one-of-a-kind district. You can’t find anything like it with other restaurants in Wyandotte County. And within Westport, you’ll find the best deals, drinks, and entertainment at Ale House.

Why Ale House Is One of the Best Restaurants Near Wyandotte County

We’ve created a unique atmosphere that can offer more for your night out than any other restaurant in Wyandotte County. Obviously, that starts with the food and drinks. But, it’s more than that. 

If you’re looking for a true Kansas City experience, here’s what you’ll find at Ale House: 

Two full-service bars: Our main dining area has high tops, booth seating, and a huge bar wrapped around an impressive selection of liquor and beer. Name your favorite cocktail or beer — there’s a good chance we’ve got it. Head upstairs for a second full-service bar on our four-season rooftop patio.

A rooftop bar: There aren’t many other restaurants in Wyandotte County that can offer a panoramic view of the heart of Westport. It’s a great place to spend your evening.

Booth service for large parties: Looking for Wyandotte County restaurants for a large group? Look no further. Our booth seating is perfect for your party while you enjoy your food and drinks.

A fantastic location: Which other restaurants in Wyandotte County are located in a neighborhood as cool as Westport? There’s so much to do here. You can spend hours stopping into different storefronts and never get bored. Why stop at just a night out? Make a whole day of it.

It’s important to us that you have the best experience possible at Ale House, and we think these things set us apart from most of your other options for restaurants in Wyandotte County.

While You’re In Westport

Like we said, our location in the heart of Westport is one reason it’s worth the drive. This is Kansas City’s most historic and lively entertainment district. You can make a whole day out of exploring Westport. 

After Ale House, the first bar on your list should be The Fall. For an elevated drinking experience in an otherworldly environment, take the steps beneath Ale House and enter this truly one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge. With craft cocktails, VIP booths and bottle service, it’s the perfect way to finish your evening.

And while you’re here, make sure to take a look at a few of these places, too:

Restaurants in Wyandotte County That Are Closer To Home

Not up for the drive tonight? We get it. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to experience a night out at Westport Ale House, and we hope to see you soon! In the meantime, there are plenty of options closer to home:

Whenever you’re ready for a great night out, come see us at Westport Ale House. We know you have plenty of restaurants in Wyandotte County to choose from, and we’ll work hard to make your night here one to remember. Follow Ale House on social media to keep up with our latest deals and events. Reserve a booth online if you’re planning a night out for a big group, or contact us at any time with more questions. We’ll see you soon.