Why Ale House is One of the Best Restaurants Near Prairie Village

So, you and your friends are once again trying to find the best spot for your hang later in the evening. You want some place with good deals and entertainment, but you’re sick of your usual spot. If you usually hit up Prairie Village restaurants and bars, you might be looking for something new.

May we suggest Westport Ale House?

If you’re looking for a night of fun, there’s no better place than our bar and restaurant in the heart of Westport. We’ve got everything you need — and more — for a true Kansas City experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Get out of your comfort zone and come and try something different. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking for Prairie Village Restaurants and Bars? Check out Westport Ale House

Sure, Westport Ale House isn’t exactly a restaurant in Prairie Village, KS. However, Westport Ale House is located so close to Prairie Village that it should always be one of your local hangs.

Located at the corner of Broadway and Archibald in the heart of Westport, Ale House is only a 17-minute ride from the center of Prairie Village. Drive yourself, or split the cost of an Uber with your buddies and avoid Westport parking. Either way, we’ll be waiting for you.

If you’re looking for a break from your usual night out at the local restaurants near Prairie Village, there’s no better stop than Westport Ale House. Step out of the ’burbs and into the heart of Kansas City, with activities and experiences unmatched by your local hangs. You’ll always have a good time at Westport Ale House — whether you remember it the next morning or not.

Why Ale House is One of the Best Restaurants Near Prairie Village, KS

But, with so many Prairie Village bars and restaurants located closer to you, why should you choose to drive up to Westport instead?

It’s a valid question — and we have the answer.

Variety is the spice of life; there are many interesting restaurants near Prairie Village, KS, and just outside its borders, including Westport Ale House. Instead of getting stuck in the same-old, same-old, come on by Ale House to experience the things that have made us the talk of the town:

  • Classic, affordable pub fare and drinks: Everyone loves a good deal — that’s why we offer food and drink specials. No need to hurt your wallet when you spend a night out at Westport Ale House — and we’ll make your taste buds happy, too. We’ve got something for everyone. Our prices may be cheap, but our flavors certainly aren’t.
  • A rooftop bar: There’s no better way to experience Kansas City than on our rooftop bar. Here, you can order from our fully stocked, full-service bar and enjoy our surrounding views of Westport. It’s no secret Ale House’s rooftop bar is the place to be for a night out in Kansas City.
  • More than 50 big-screen TVs: Looking for somewhere to watch your local teams? We’ve got you covered. Instead of heading to your usual sports bars in Prairie Village, KS, stop on by Westport Ale House. With more than 50 big-screen TVs, you’ll always find the game you’re looking for — with gameday hours and food and drink specials, to boot.
  • Live music on the weekends: In the dancing mood? Bring your friends down to Westport Ale House to take advantage of our live, local DJs. You’ll be hard-pressed to find Prairie Village bars that can offer the same.

Oh, and the next time you’re looking for restaurants that deliver in Prairie Village, KS, Westport Ale House can do that, too.

Other Bars and Restaurants Around Prairie Village, KS

Finding the best restaurants in Prairie Village, KS, and the Kansas City area can be hard. If you live here, you’re fortunate enough to have a great deal of options to choose from — but that can make narrowing the decision down to one almost impossible.

Being aware of all of your options can help you decide what is best for your needs and mood at any given time. So, we’ve gathered a few of our local favorites below for your consideration:

  • The Fall: Looking for a more elevated drinking experience? Right below Westport Ale House, you’ll find The Fall, an eclectic new cocktail bar in Kansas City. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in a fantasy world full of wonder and imagination. It’s the best place to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail and get those killer Instagram photos you’re looking for.
  • Cafe Provence: Looking for the perfect date spot? You can’t go wrong with Cafe Provence. Here, find classic, elevated French dishes like escargot and filet mignon. Don’t forget to stop by the French Market just around the corner to pick up some delightful pastries.
  • Tavern in the Village: If you’re looking for true Prairie Village, Kansas City, restaurants, you can’t go wrong with Tavern in the Village. It’s a hometown staple. After a meal and drinks at Westport Ale House, stop by Tavern in the Village for a nightcap a little closer to home.

Whatever you’re looking for in your Prairie Village bars and restaurants, don’t forget about Westport Ale House. We can offer everything you want for your night out on the town — and more. Stop by anytime while we’re open to check things out for yourself.